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While shooting our Tokyo x Osaka article for Issue 17 of the mag in Japan we were lucky enough to meet up with multi-talented filmer and skater Rob Taro of TimeScan. Much to our surprise we saw Rob was filming most of the day but then out of nowhere he would go skate something ridiculous. After our visit to Japan we hit up Rob and he wanted to collaborate for a TimeScan x Vague video. The edit features skateboarding in Tokyo, Osaka and more cities graced with amazing spots (but probably with high security). Watch this humble man's edit featuring the likes of Hiroki Muraoka, Tsuyoshi Uchida, Kouki Arima, Masaki Hongo, Shintaro Hongo, Yudai Fujigasaki, Laurence Keefe, Yuhei Iwamoto, Rio Morishige, Leo Takayama, Sota Tomikawa, Shinya Masuda, Sera Kanno, Takao Cooper and Tom Delion. Filmed in Tokyo, Yokohama, Yokosuka, and Osaka. Heywood Ward interviewed Rob Taro on life in Japan, this new video, his new Hokkaido part (dropping soon) as well as our experience shooting the Tokyo x Osaka article from issue 17.

Have a read here:

Vague Tokyo x Osaka Article here:

"TimeScan to me is more than just a personal skate project, but a documentation of the people whom I’ve met, and also a way to meet and connect with more skaters and artists from all over. Although it isn’t possible to travel outside of Japan, it’s a blessing to be able to put out something positive at the end of a shit year." - Rob Taro

Filmed and Edited by: Rob Taro

Photos by Reece Lung

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